circulate global

Terms of Use

§ 1 Preliminary Remarks

circulate offers its customers in partnership with the non profit organisation Agile Heaps e.V. through the donation of an investment plastic neutrality. You make an investment in plastic neutrality and contribute to the removal, recycling and re-induction of plastic trash into the cycle in the global south.

You have the opportunity to offset your purchase at circulate’s partners in retrospect or through circulate’s website in form of a monthly subscription that offsets your yearly average of plastic trash volume.

§ 2 Use of donation

circulate will forward 100% of your donation and investment in plastic neutrality to its project partners who will be certified by the Plastic Waste Reduction Standard under development by Verra.

Until then circulate chooses its project partners to the best of their knowledge and belief.

To be able to offer this service, circulate charges a fee on top of the donation in the amount of 15% of the donation to cover expenses for development, personnel, marketing and administrative costs.

This fee is largely based on the cost for one plastic credit and will be adjusted accordingly.

§ 3 Plastic credit

Plastic credits are issued to recycling projects based on the Plastic Waste Reduction Standard developed by Verra. circulate acquires these credits for you in the amount of your investment in plastic neutrality and retires them.

These credits are not personally transferrable and will be handled by circulate and its partners.

§ 4 Disclaimer

circulate assumes no liability for the accuracy of the information provided to you by oversight authorities or third parties concerning actually carried out recycling and other project information.

The responsibility for the accuracy of the details about the amount of recovered and recycled plastic lies with the relevant project.

§ 5 Choice of law

Every interaction between you and circulate is subject to german law.

§ 6 Copyrights

The documents provided to you contain copyright material and are not allowed to be edited, changed, published, sent or distributed in parts or in their entirety.

§ 7 Payment procedure

The payment transactions are carried out by PayPal. Recipient is the non profit Agile Heaps e.V. who is a contractual Partner for this pilot project.

§ 8 Tax-deductibility

For donations above the value of 20€ Agile Heaps e.V. will issue a donation receipt so that you can deduct it from your tax return.

Disclaimer – should there be any ambiguity, the german version of these terms of use are legally valid above this english version.